Welcome to BCCE 2022 at Purdue University 

The conference will be held on the beautiful campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana in the Summer of 2022. The 27th BCCE, like all of its predecessors, is designed to provide you with opportunities for interacting with chemistry instructors of all levels in formal and informal settings. There will be a mixture of plenary lectures, symposia, workshops, chemical demonstrations, poster sessions, exhibits and tours of chemistry research areas.

This year our theme is "New approaches to modern challenges". As we build on previous work, we look expectantly to the future, encouraging researchers to submit abstracts that involve innovative and interdisciplinary methods to tackle emerging challenges in education.  

Don't miss out on the professional growth and fun social networking opportunities at the 27th BCCE:

- Learn about evidence-based practices in teaching and learning chemistry
- Find new and innovative activities or labs for your classes
- Network with other chemistry educators from across the country and around the world