Computational Chemistry in the Classroom

Implementing computational chemistry in undergraduate and high school classrooms remains challenging and nontrivial for chemical educators at all levels. The goal of this workshop is to remove barriers and empower participants with the tools they need to integrate computational chemistry activities into their classrooms. Through demonstrations and hands-on activities using WebMO, participants will learn how to include computational activities in their curriculum. WebMO is a free/low cost, web-based interface for performing computational chemistry calculations without the need for additional computer hardware or software. Workshop facilitators will provide participants with example activities for use in high school and undergraduate chemistry courses, including exercises for each subfield (organic, physical, inorganic, etc.). Emphasis will be placed on system setup, submitting computations, and interpreting and visualizing results. In addition, practical issues related to working with computation in the classroom will be addressed. A question/answer period with experts will be included. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or a smartphone.

High School
Undergraduate Education
Curriculum and Cognition
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Angela N. Migues